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Sports massage

This massage allows both to meet the needs of people who are too sedentary as well as amateur or even professional athletes.

Crédit photo: Xavier Leonti

Today, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men suffer from heavy legs.

Resting is not enough to recover and regain the lightness of the legs and their tone. After a physical effort, static or moving, or after a sporting event, this massage will help the muscles to relax in depth.

The objective of this wellness massage: - relax the muscles and rehydrate them. - eliminate toxins. - promote the circulation of liquids.

Stimulating, smoothing and stimulating gestures facilitate relaxation and recovery. The effect of this massage lies not only in relaxation and fitness. It provides, through its regular use, tonicity and facilitates the mobilization of the body's natural resources in order to rebalance itself.

Sports massage encourages the body to recover more quickly from physical exertion, reduces fatigue and prepares it to resume physical activity with greater vitality.

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