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Reiki in a nutshell

What is Reiki? Reiki is an unconventional healing method of Japanese origin, based on so-called “energy” healing by laying on of hands. What does the term "Reiki" mean? In Japanese, "Rei" means spiritual consciousness and "Ki" life energy. The word "Reiki" refers to the energy channeled by the Reiki practitioner. How does Reiki work? The practitioner transmits the Reiki energy to the patient through his hands. He channels Reiki without involving his personal energy. What can Reiki do for us in daily life? Reiki nourishes and enriches us on all levels of our being. Reiki can help us evolve in harmony with our environment. Reiki supports any process of personal transformation. It allows you to anchor yourself more deeply in yourself by releasing tensions and emotions.

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