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Altitude Well-being, Massage at home in Haute Savoie and Switzerland

Sound therapy

Theresound therapy uses sound and vibrations to bring relaxation, relaxation and rebalance the natural magnetic field emitted by our body.It's aancestral practice which helps harmonize body and mind. Also known as sound massage, sound journey, sound bath or sound meditation. It is a method of care and well-beingaddressed to all audiences, young and old.

The benefits of sound treatment are multiple:

Physical effects:
- Reduce stress and tension
- Regenerate cells
- Calm the nervous system
- Boost the hormonal and immune system
Emotional effects:
- Release emotional burdens
- Show more joy
- Develop your creativity
Energy effects:
- Increase the vital energy and vibrational frequencies of the body
- Unlock energy nodes, crystallized memories
- Maintain electromagnetism in the body
- Find perfect balance, homeostasis

The different treatments and events organized:

Sound relaxation (individual or collective)

Imagine... You are lying comfortably on a mat, warm under a blanket.

I will first guide you through my voice to become aware of the present moment with guided relaxation, before introducing a succession of sounds and frequencies using different therapeutic musical instruments (gong, drum, handpan, Tibetan bowl, etc.). ..).

The pace of thoughts slows down, the body relaxes, everyday life fades away, the journey then begins...

Individual session: 60€ /1 hour

Group session: 20€/pers. /1 hour

Session suitable for a group of children


Sound massage with Tibetan bowls

It is an energy treatment from the Tibetan tradition. It is a sound massage practiced dressedand without physical contact.

The singing bowls are placed around you to harmonize the chakras.

Individual session: 60€ /1 hour


Sound therapy workshop
I organize sound therapy workshops adapted for each audience (for birthdays, works councils, school groups, retirement homes, hospitals, etc.).

Contact me for more information.


Introduction to Tibetan bowls
I organize initiations to Tibetan bowls; for individuals and for therapists, who wish to use the magic of singing bowls in their personal life, with their family or in their professional practice.

With the discovery of other therapeutic musical instruments...

See page“Initiations”

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