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Everything you need to know about Balinese massage

This massage revitalizes the body as much as the mind and restores positive energy that can only be beneficial to the whole body.

Origin of Balinese massage

Many agree that Balinese massage is the result of a mixture of two Asian cultures, each with its own specificity:

Ayurvedic medicine

Originating from Indian culture, Ayurvedic medicine has existed for over 5000 years. Balinese massage is inspired by the techniques used but also by Indian philosophy. These techniques aim to help the body and the spirit to find a balance, thus allowing to live in Harmony.

Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is essentially based on the energies circulating in the body. It is with the help of a very specific technique that practitioners manage to restore the balance of energy flows and to treat joint and muscle pain. This approach focuses primarily on relieving physical and spiritual pain.

Balinese massage: Harmony of body and mind

Balinese massage, as in many Asian therapies, aims for total harmony of body and mind. The Balinese massage does not treat a specific pain, its main purpose is to relax and bring a feeling of well-being. It is particularly suitable for people with muscle pain caused by sports or daily stress.

The techniques used

It is very complete and offers the perfect balance between the softness and the tonicity that the body needs to recharge its batteries. First, the practitioner will begin a series of gestures inviting relaxation. He will massage, knead and accentuate the pressure of his fingers and forearms on specific parts of the body, thus working on the neuralgic points. In a second step, he will perform stretching aimed at relaxing but also at energizing the blood and energy flows of the body.

The benefits of Balinese massage

Balinese massage brings many benefits in the short and long term. It eliminates the effects of stress on the body and helps to restore the balance of body and mind. People who are prone to migraines, joint pain and insomnia are often advised to do a Balinese massage because it treats the problem in depth by restoring the proper circulation of the body's energy flows.

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