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The Californian massage

Close to the Swedish massage, the Californian massage consists of a succession of long fluid and harmonious movements all over the body, with the aim of opening and stimulating the psycho-corporal consciousness, in order to live the present moment in a deep relaxation of the body and the mind.

This type of treatment combines both gentle gestures and effleurages, intended to envelop and relax the patient, and firmer and stimulating gestures, intended to soothe greater and deeper tensions.
Recommended for combating stress, relaxing, improving circulation and overall health, the Californian technique provides a feeling of peace conducive to oblivion and well-being for one hour.
The Californian massage is ideal for a first massage experience: relaxing, relaxation is optimal, sometimes even causing the patient to fall asleep!

Crédit photo: Xavier Leonti
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